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Wendy Frank

Franklin, North Carolina



I have always been driven by color.  I've pursued  that fascination through many media, most recently and before I started metal work it was through beaded jewelry.  Once I discovered metal, mainly copper I found my true niche!  I started with very simple forms and continue to challenge myself with forming more advanced shapes.  I'm endlessly fascinated with copper, I love the way it moves, I love the color and oxidization when it's heated.  I love the smell of the metal as it heats, the sound of it, the feel of it. I love my copper!  My next natural progression then was to color it of course, which led me to enameling as   that was where I could achieve the vivid colors I desired. 

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All of my copper work starts as flat sheet.  They are individually forged and formed, sometimes pierced.  Each enameled piece is then either torch or kiln fired at approximately 1400 degrees. Because each piece is individually hand formed and enameled, there are no two pieces entirely identical.  You can always be assured that your piece of art will be like no other!

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